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Honorary lectures

The International Society for Serotonin Research (ISSR) has three special lectures, named after pioneers in serotonin research, presented at each biennial meeting. 


The honorees, chosen by the ISSR Council, exemplify contributions to the field of serotonin for each of the lectureships described below.

Irvine Page - Serotonin Pioneer

Irvine Page

Plenary Lecture


The Page Lecture is in recognition of the key role Irvine Page played in early research on the metabolism and activity of serotonin in mammals. Traditionally this lecture involves an in-depth presentation of the research of the honored presenter and is the plenary scientific lecture of the meeting. The ISSR Council selects a member of the ISSR as the Page honoree based on a significant and sustained contribution to the serotonin field. Our past Page Lecturers have included David Nichols, Michel Hamon, Barry Jacobs, John Harvey, Joel Bockaert , Elaine Sanders-Bush,  Herb Meltzer, Trevor Sharp, Patricia Gaspar and Lynette C. Daws.

Maurice Rapport

Plenary Lecture


The Rapport lecture was introduced at our meeting in Japan in 2006 to provide an opportunity for historical reflection of the field of serotonin. The Rapport Lecture is intended to focus on the key individuals who have played critical roles in the development of our understanding of this important neurotransmitter. The honored ISSR member is selected by the ISSR Council based on a significant and sustained contribution to the serotonin field. Our previous Rapport Lecturers have been Richard Green, Dennis Murphy, Manfred Gothert, Ewen Mylecharane, Charles Marsden, Danny Hoyer, Mark Geyer and Kjell Fuxe.

Link to video interview with Maurice Rapport (scroll to bottom)


 Photo reprinted by the permission of the American Cancer Society, Inc. All rights reserved. 

Paul Vanhoutte - Serotonin Pioneer

Paul Vanhoutte

Distinguished Lectureship


This Distinguished lectureship was introduced during our 2016 “Serotonin in Seattle” meeting. This award is in honor of Paul, who is an honorary member and Founder of “The Serotonin Club”. This award honors Dr. Vanhoutte’s lifelong scientific contributions to better our understanding and appreciation of the importance of serotonin and serotonin receptor function in health and disease and for his mentoring of countless prominent biologists, medical doctors and pharmacologists. The ISSR Council selects an appropriate honoree to receive the “Paul M. Vanhoutte Award in Serotonin Pharmacology” and to deliver a state-of-the art lecture on recent advances in serotonin biology and receptor pharmacology. Our Vanhoutte lecturers have been Paul Vanhoutte, Kathryn Cunningham and Rene Hen.

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