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formerly Serotonin Club
formerly Serotonin Club



20th International Meeting

in 2023

“Serotonin on the Mexican Caribbean”

Marriott Cancún Resort 

Cancún, Mexico 

April 23-27, 2023

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: Lynette C. Daws
Maurice Rapport Plenary Lecture: Kjell Fuxe
Paul Vanhoutte Distinguished Lecture: Rene Hen

2018 - 19th Meeting of International Society for Serotonin Research

Cork, Ireland

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: Patricia Gaspar

Maurice Rapport Plenary Lecture: Mark A. Geyer

Paul Vanhoutte Distinguished Lecture: Kathryn A. Cunningham

ISSR 2018 in Cork
ISSR in Cork
ISSR 2018 in Cork
Cork, Ireland
ISSR 2018 in Cork
ISSR 2018 in Cork
ISSR 2018 in Cork
ISSR 2018 in Cork
ISSR 2018 in Cork
ISSR 2018 in Cork

2016 - 18th Meeting of International Society for Serotonin Research

Seattle, Washington, USA

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: Trevor Sharp

Maurice Rapport Plenary Lecture: Daniel Hoyer

Paul Vanhoutte Distinguished Lecture: Paul Vanhoutte

2014 - 17th Meeting of Serotonin Club

7th IUPHAR Serotonin Satellite Meeting

Hermanus, South Africa

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: Herbert Y. Meltzer

Maurice Rapport Plenary Lecture: Charles Marsden


2012 - 16th Meeting of Serotonin Club

Montpellier, France

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: Elaine Sanders-Bush

Maurice Rapport Plenary Lecture: Ewan Mylecharane

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2010 - 15th Meeting of Serotonin Club

Montréal, Québec, Canada

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: Bryan Roth

Maurice Rapport Plenary Lecture: Manfred Göthert

2008 - 2nd EPHAR Serotonin Satellite Meeting 

Oxford, England

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: Joel Bockaert

Maurice Rapport Plenary Lecture: Dennis Murphy

2006 - 6th IUPHAR Serotonin Satellite Meeting

Sapporo, Japan

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: John Harvey

Maurice Rapport Plenary Lecture: Richard Green

2004 - 1st EPHAR Serotonin Satellite Meeting

Porto, Portugal

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: David E. Nichols

2002 - 5th IUPHAR Serotonin Satellite Meeting

Acapulco, Mexico

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: Pramod Saxena

2000 - Serotonin Club Meeting

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

1998 - 4th IUPHAR Serotonin Satellite Meeting 

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: Barry Jacobs

1997 - Serotonin Club Meeting 

San Francisco, California, USA

1994 - 3rd IUPHAR Serotonin Satellite Meeting

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: Michel Hamon

1992 - Serotonin Club Meeting

Houston, Texas, USA

1991 - Serotonin Club Meeting

Birmingham, England

1990 - 2nd IUPHAR Serotonin Satellite Meeting

Basel, Switzerland

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: Stephen Peroutka

Invited Lectures: 

Jose Palacios, David Wallis, Alberto Kaumann

1989 - Serotonin Club Meeting

New York City, New York, USA

1988 - Serotonin Club Meeting

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1987 - 1st IUPHAR Serotonin Satellite Meeting

Heron Island, Queensland, Australia

Invited Lectures: 

John Fozard, Jan Van Nueten

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