formerly Serotonin Club
formerly Serotonin Club


2018 - 19th Meeting of International Society for Serotonin Research

Cork, Ireland

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: Patricia Gaspar

Maurice Rapport Plenary Lecture: Mark A. Geyer

Paul Vanhoutte Distinguished Lecture: Kathryn A. Cunningham

2016 - 18th Meeting of International Society for Serotonin Research

Seattle, Washington, USA

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: Trevor Sharp

Maurice Rapport Plenary Lecture: Daniel Hoyer

Paul Vanhoutte Distinguished Lecture: Paul Vanhoutte

2014 - 17th Meeting of Serotonin Club

7th IUPHAR Serotonin Satellite Meeting

Hermanus, South Africa

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: Herbert Y. Meltzer

Maurice Rapport Plenary Lecture: Charles Marsden

2012 - 16th Meeting of Serotonin Club

Montpellier, France

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: Elaine Sanders-Bush

Maurice Rapport Plenary Lecture: Ewan Mylecharane

2010 - 15th Meeting of Serotonin Club

Montréal, Québec, Canada

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: Bryan Roth

Maurice Rapport Plenary Lecture: Manfred Göthert

2008 - 2nd EPHAR Serotonin Satellite Meeting 

Oxford, England

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: Joel Bockaert

Maurice Rapport Plenary Lecture: Dennis Murphy

2006 - 6th IUPHAR Serotonin Satellite Meeting

Sapporo, Japan

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: John Harvey

Maurice Rapport Plenary Lecture: Richard Green

2004 - 1st EPHAR Serotonin Satellite Meeting

Porto, Portugal

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: David E. Nichols

2002 - 5th IUPHAR Serotonin Satellite Meeting

Acapulco, Mexico

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: Pramod Saxena

2000 - Serotonin Club Meeting

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

1998 - 4th IUPHAR Serotonin Satellite Meeting 

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: Barry Jacobs

1997 - Serotonin Club Meeting 

San Francisco, California, USA

1994 - 3rd IUPHAR Serotonin Satellite Meeting

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: Michel Hamon

1992 - Serotonin Club Meeting

Houston, Texas, USA

1991 - Serotonin Club Meeting

Birmingham, England

1990 - 2nd IUPHAR Serotonin Satellite Meeting

Basel, Switzerland

Irvine Page Plenary Lecture: Stephen Peroutka

Invited Lectures: 

Jose Palacios, David Wallis, Alberto Kaumann

1989 - Serotonin Club Meeting

New York City, New York, USA

1988 - Serotonin Club Meeting

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1987 - 1st IUPHAR Serotonin Satellite Meeting

Heron Island, Queensland, Australia

Invited Lectures: 

John Fozard, Jan Van Nueten