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3 PhD Student Positions 



Denmark, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, or UK



 On behalf of Drs. Judith Homberg and Natalia Alenina: 


The Innovative Training Network “Serotonin & Beyond” is still searching for 3 PhD students (out of the original 15 positions available). Specifically, they are seeking PhD students (which are called Early Stage Researchers (ESRs)) to work on serotonin in the context of brain development and vulnerability to psychiatric disorders. The projects involve both animal and human research. The supervisors are from 6 European countries and several of them are also members of the ISSR.  Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to work in a large consortium on serotonin!


31 July 2021

For more details about the network and how to apply, click here or go to:


Postdoctoral Associate in lab of John McCorvy



Medical College of Wisconsin, USA



 We are currently seeking a highly motivated and creative postdoctoral associate, focused on serotonin drug screening and profiling signaling pathways at G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). 

Aims of this project are to assist in developing novel serotonin agents with a wide variety therapeutic potential including memory, schizophrenia, aging, obesity, and pain conditions.

McCorvy lab is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA in the department of Cell Biology. 

Please send a CV to

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